The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is a member-driven association that offers inbound tourism services companies the highest level of quality in the tourism industry.

WEBSITE: is run by Southern Routes Travel and owned by Compassline Africa. is a full member of SATSA (Member Number 2484).
Those who belong to SATSA fly a flag that symbolizes credibility, stability and integrity. SATSA members must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct guaranteeing high standards of service, good quality tourism services and product, and a trustworthy accreditation with the association itself.

Members are bonded with third-party indemnity, ensuring financially sound relationships when using them as suppliers. SATSA members are also required to submit documentation pertaining to their business annually so that the association can verify they are indeed running a healthy business that can be recommended to international tour operators, Travel agents and the fare paying public. SATSA members offer a wide-range of services and products across the region and fit to serve any tour operator sending clients into Southern Africa or clients booking directly through



  • have to conform to the highest standards in the tourism industry, which are checked annually.
  • are bonded, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held against the involuntary liquidation of a SATSA member.
  • are Bonded with third party indemnity, ensuring financial peace of mind
  • offer a huge range of activities, accommodation and transport to meet all needs.
  • The SATSA logo is a guarantee to travellers of quality in tourism, and is highly prized.

What Does SATSA Bonded mean to the client booking?

Should a SATSA member who is a South African tourism business operation, run into financial problems, the bonding scheme allows the client to claim back their deposit without having to prove in a court or to the liquidator whom or what was paid, but simply to produce the relevant documentation to SATSA.”